Polman Astra Officially Opens The Associate Degree Program of Building Construction Technology

Located in the Higher Education Service Institution office Region 3 in the Cawang, East Jakarta, Director of Polman Astra, Tony Harley Silalahi received the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education  Decision Letter number 593/KPT/I/2018 about Permissions To Open The Study Program Of Construction Technology Building, Associate Degree Program.

The Decision Letter was handed over to the Head of Higher Education Service Institution region III, Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, MS. And the executive secretary, Dr. M. Samsuri, S.Pd, M.T.. The establishment of Building Construction Technology Associate Program is part of Polman Astra’s contribution to produce graduates with engineering skills to support Astra’s portfolio entering the Construction, Infrastructure and Property business.

Agung Kaswadi who lead the project along with Mohamad Heri Sukantara had been preparing the feasibility study and the proposal since September 2016. “With this legalization, we hope it can add the contribution of Polman Astra in creating superior human resources, especially in the field of construction.” said Agung as he describing the long journey to establish the Building Construction Technology study program, and today the Decision Letter for study program establishment finally given to Astra Polman.

Building Construction Technology Associate Program will begin its first batch on September, in the 2018-2019 school year. 15 students have passed the selection as the first batch.

In developing this study program, Polman Astra supported by ACSET, subsidiary of the Astra AHEMCE group that engaged in construction. The company has assisted Polman Astra planned the establishment of Building Construction Technology Study Programs. In the future, one of the United Tractor (UT) Group subsidiaries will support the Building Construction Technology Associate Degree Program so that it can run in accordance with the Astra Dual System by providing industry lecturers, student internships and also a place of practice that based on Polman Astra’s Building Construction Technology curriculum. In the future, hopefully the graduates of this study program can meet the needs of UT and other Astra Groups.

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