Manufacturing Technology

equip the graduates with manufacturing process competency in the production planning & control unit

Manufacturing Technology (General Manufacturing Industry)

This Study Program equips graduates with the competency of the manufacturing process in the planning and control unit for the production processes. The expertise of Manufacturing Technology graduates is skilled workers who are able to plan, control, operate and supervise the manufacturing process, as well as maintaining the manufacturing machines.

Manufacturing Technology (Palm Oil Manufacturing Industry)

Equipping graduates with competencies of controlling, maintaining and developing palm oil mills. The curriculum is based on competency standards and industry needs. The graduates of this major will has the ability to become a supervisor who is ready to work in the national oil palm industry.

The study program vision:

“To be the best & the most popular Study Program in¬†Indonesia”

The study program mission:

“Become an institution that implement the education, the research, and the community service in the production engineering and manufacturing processes to improve the quality of human resources”

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