International class speakers were present at the Polman Astra General Stadium

On May 30-31, 2018, Polman Astra organized 2 General Stadium with different topic, but the interesting thing was that at this general stadium we had special guests from abroad. The first is Mohamed Tanana, Director of F5 Networks, an IT security company based in the United States and another one is an Indonesian citizen who is currently a Lecturer at top universities in the United States and the world, University of California Berkeley, he is Dr. George Anwar.

The General Stadium on May 30, 2018 organized by Student Association of Information Management, taking the theme “Technology in supporting Green Energy”, the committee presented competent speakers in their field, other than Mohamed Tanana, there was also Major Account Manager F5 Networks Indonesia, Tata Ali Taufik and another speaker from the 2005 alumni of Polman Astra who currently works at PT Astra Honda Motor, Irham Nugraha.

On May 31, 2018, the Polman Astra Research and Community Service Institute presented Dr. George Anwar as the sole speaker, and he was discussing “An Indonesian Engineering in Berkeley- Robots and All”. In the general stadium that attended by at least 250 participants, Dr. George Anwar want to inspire the nation youth to innovate, especially in the field of robotics. Even with all his expertise and work, Dr. George Anwar was appointed as the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of California Berkeley research unit, so in his presentation, he showed many of Robotic innovation works from his students. It can be seen that research sources in the United States also come from many universities and Dr. George Anwar assured that Indonesian are as great as Americans in terms of innovation, it was proved at the University of California Berkeley, top university in the United States and even the world, Indonesian youth can compete even superior to local students or from other countries.

Dr. George Anwar presented his material with a very interesting way and his character was typical of US lecture, relaxing and humorous, could seem to hypnotize the participants to enjoy his presentation. It actually not something surprise coming from Dr. George Anwar because even though he inherit Padang’s bloodline from his parents, he had been living abroad since he was kid, spesifically in the United States. Almost 3 hours he explained the material, the questions from the participants making the general stadium more interesting. Questions didn’t came only from students, but also from Astra Polman Lecturers and participants from Astra Group Companies such as AHM and MTM. Participants also came from SGU University, one of the partner universities of Polman Astra.

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