Admission of New Students for the 2019 Astra Scholarship Program

2019 Astra Scholarship Program Selection Test had began since January 16, 2019 and now the test has entered the interview stage. As part of the commitment of PT Astra International Tbk to develop human resources in Indonesia through vocational education, this Scholarship Program is open to the general public every year since 2009. The scholarships are targets high-level students who have good academic performance and it also prioritize the students that come from poor family. The program, which provides 35% of students at Polman Astra, offers to freeing scholarship recipients from tuition during their studies year in Polman Astra and also monthly allowance. This certainly attract many high school graduates to continue their education in the vocational education and this offer is also expected to attract students not only from Java but also from outside Java to study in Jakarta.

The registration for 2019 Astra Scholarship Program has been opened since November 1, 2018 and closed on January 13, 2019. There are 3.915 registrants applying to get the scholarship. Most of registrants still dominated by the students from Java island, but some of registrants also comes from Eastern Indonesia including West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua. This is certainly result of collaboration Polman Astra with vocational schools in Maluku Province. Now, Polman Astra has collaborated with Siwa Lima St. Yosep Langgur Vocational High School as an established Vocational High School in Southeast Maluku.

The interesting thing from this year registration is the candidates high enthusiasm for the Building Construction Technology Study Program, even though the program just started. Around 435 canditates join this study program. This program is Astra’s business step in order to work in the property sector. For the most favorite study program, this year it is still the same as the previous year, which are the Information Systems and Automotive Engineering.

The selection process has entered the interview stage, after previously all canditates who passed the administrative were screened first in the written test. Written tests were held from January 16, 2019 until February 9, 2019. The written tests were held in 19 cities throughout Indonesia. This was done to facilitate the candidates access. Polman Astra are hoping to get the best candidate from the selection process to fill the Astra Scholarship quota this year, so that Polman Astra can realize their goal to producing best quality Indonesian human resources to support the manufacturing industry.

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