The Director of Instructor Development and Indonesian Ministry of Manpower Training reviewing the implementation of the Skill Development Project Consultant at Polman Astra

The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) targets to generates 1.4 million skilled workers on 2018. And to pursue this target, the Ministry of Manpower will improve labor competencies through training in government training centers (BLK), collaboration with entrepreneur associations, and training in other community training institutions. The first program launched by the Ministry of Manpower, in this case the Directorate General of Training and Productivity Development, organized the Skill Development Project Consultant for Training Centers instructors to improve their skill competencies. Polman Astra feels honored to be one of the training sites for improving the skills of Training Centers instructors who come from all over the region of the country.

This program is fully funded with loan funds from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Polman Astra was appointed as a training site for 3 fields, conventional machinery (grinding), non-conventional machinery (CAD, CAM and CNC) and Mold Design. The first part of training for the conventional machinery was held on June 28 – July 9, which attended by 2 Bandung Training Center instructors, 1 Sorong Training Center instructor, 1 Makassar Training Center instructor, 1 Ternate Training Center instructor. The current program that running is non-conventional machinery training program which attended by 3 instructors from Bandung Training Center, 1 Samarinda Training Center instructor, 1 Makassar Training Center Instructor, and 1 Sorong Training Center Instructor.

On the second batch, Suhadi, the Director of Instructor Development and Training Staff that supervised under the Directorate General of Training and Productivity Development, came to visit. He also met with Director of Polman Astra, Tony Harley Silalahi and discussing about the expectation of the Ministry of Manpower for Polman Astra’s support to succeed the government program. “We are always ready to cooperate and support everything needed by the government and we thank you for the trust that given to Polman Astra so we can organize this training,” said Tony Harley Silalahi.

Suhadi also greet the participants and listen to their impressions and hopes. These instructors will be the frontline to achieve the target from the Ministry of Manpower. He enthusiastically listened and responded to the instructors and motivated them to be more active exploring the latest technology from Polman Astra. “Right now, the Training Center in Indonesia has very qualified machine facilities, but it still need more teaching skills, so we hope the training provided by Polman Astra can improve the instructor’s technical skills that match with the facilities they have by using industrial culture approach” said Suhadi.

In the future, Polman Astra will organize the last batch, which is the Mold Design. “Polman Astra needs to add more contribution to the country, one of them are organizing the training for Training Centers instructors and vocational teachers. The contribution that parallels with the spirit of Astra, Proper with the Nation “,said Agung Kaswadi, the Head of the Production and Training Department as he encourage all lecturers and instructors to be actively involved and being enthusiastic doing the training that organized by the Production and Training Department.

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