Adnan Bayu Aji: The chosen students who represent Polman Astra in the Indonesia Developer Student Club Summit 2018 organized by Google

On March 3-4, 2018, at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel, Denpasar, Bali, the Indonesia Developer Student Club (DSC) Summit 2018 was held, an event organized by the Google Developer Student Club was an activity that gave leaders from every campus the opportunity to take part in leadership training by Senior Google Experts from various countries. Adnan Bayu Aji is a Information System student who is lucky to be chosen along with 60 participants from 60 campuses from 24 cities in Indonesia. These students successfully eliminated 384 applicants who also participated in this program.

Adnan said, the long selection process, made him confident if he was chosen, then it means this program is suitable to his abilities. Because the requirements given by the committee aren’t easy, they are looking for students who are active, have leadership, excel in their classrooms, understand how technology works, etc. Starting with the registration process that can be done online, the registrants are asked to fill in their personal data with their organizational activities, contributions to the community, Google activities that they’ve been joined and also explanation videos. These requirements are requested in English.

After waiting for 2 weeks, Adnan was asked to do an interview with the Chairman of the DSC (Developer Student Club) program and IAK (Indonesia Android Kejar), Erica Hanson. Interviews were also done by online video call using Google application called Hangout. In the interview, Adnan told Erica what he had experienced as stated in his proposal and his purpose to join the program. Through this selection, Adnan was finally able to eliminated hundreds of other contestants and got a tickets to join the 2018 DSC Summit program.

This year Google presented 20 speakers from experts of the company to deliver material about development and leadership programs by sharing their experiences in the IT World. The opening ceremony was took place at the Potato Head Restaurant, and was opened by Erica Hanson, the head of the DSC. Lots of interesting material presented by the speakers who are certainly very useful for young people who selected to join the summit.

After the event, the participants, including Adnan, were also given assignments for they implement on their respective campuses. They were asked to make workshops, build projects and showcases on their campus. As expected by DSC, Adnan finally started to build a community in Polman Astra, starting by building a core team of MI students from his class, including Ardani Yusuf Ibrahim, Prasetyo Dwi S and Candra Bagus Kristanto. The core team is expected to create programs or activities that can motivate and provide information to all Polman Astra students to developing themselves, following the technology trends that has been rapidly growing.

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