Multi-functional CNC machine made by Polman Astra and Winteq present at ISD 2019

For the second time, the Science and Technology Demonstration Center, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education held an Indonesian Science Day (ISD) at the Science and Technology Demonstration Center Building, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), on April, 25 – 28 2019. And for the first time Polman Astra joined 52 Universities and 21 Ministries and Non-Ministry Institutions and the local community to participate in the ISD 2019 as exhibitors. With the theme ‘Encouraging the creation of science and technology into the era of Industry 4.0’, ISD 2019 is an exhibition for various scientific activities with the concept of educating, inspiring, and entertaining the public, especially the younger generation.

The Polman Astra Product Development and Technology Application Institute (LP3T) collaborate with Winteq, one of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk’s divisions, presents the latest machine innovation, a multi-functional CNC machine. This research and development is supported through the assistance of Research, Technology and Higher Education Grant from the Government. It has 3 functions that are developed to meet the needs of the micro, small, and medium scale business. Many of them are need reliable and high quality industrial machines at low prices. Aside from that, the machine are expected to meet the needs of CNC machines, to be used for educational facilities of vocational high schools that require computer-based machines as learning tools. The development was combined the functions of a CNC Milling Machine, Laser Cutting Machine and 3D Printing Machine, and is expected to help micro, small, and medium scale business on investment and production because it only requires 1 multi-functional CNC machine and a production area of 3 m2. The design supported by good manufacturing quality and the use of industry standard components, added the value of this CNC machine. It can be purchased at an affordable price compared to CNC machines that produced abroad.

The research and development has been done since 2018, and recently the multi-functional CNC machine is in refinement step and will be distributed to consumers in 2020. It’s equipped
with an interchangeable machine head from Engraving, Laser Cutting and 3D printing functions to facilitate the operator to decide the desired process. For the controller system, the machine uses Siemens products which are able to work up to ±50μm precision. With this precision, Small and medium-sized enterprises are able to develop prototype objects from plastic materials (3D printing process), then continued the production process with soft metal, wood, plastic, rubber material using the same machine. Working on raw materials wood, glass, acrylic can also be done with the Laser Cutting process on this machine.

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