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SEA-TVET Student Exchange Program continues, a student exchange program that initiated by SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization). In this batch, Polman Astra once again become the host for students from the Ungku Omar Polytechnic that located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The exchange between the two institutions was a continuation of the previous program where 3 Polman Astra students had a chance to do training at Ungku Omar Polytechnic.

Adam Lukman bin Azmi, Muhammad Izrin bin Sukiman and Muhammad Anwar Husaini bin Hisham, the students of Ungku Omar Polytechnic from the Automotive study program term 4 That got the opportunity to experience studying at Polman Astra, specifically at UPT Automotive Laboratory for 1 month since April 29, 2019. According to them, they were happy, because at Polman Astra they could learn more about Trouble shooting, Engine Diagnosis and Wheel alignment. “In my opinion, this campus (Polman Astra) has complete facilities and the instructors also helped us a lot during the class” said Adam, one of the students of the Ungku Omar Polytechnic.

While in Jakarta, they stayed at the Green Lake Apartment in Sunter that aren’t too far from the campus. During their practice at the Automotive Laboratory, they were also mentored by Andreas Edi, one of the senior instructors at UPT Automotive. To facilitate them and made them adapt to the campus and city environment in Jakarta, they were accompanied by Surya Agus Wardana, a student of the Automotive study program. Surya took these students went on tour, tasting the Jakarta’s culinary and visited several tourist attractions such as Monas and TMII.

“Coincidentally, we come in Jakarta during the fasting month, but we are happy because we are able to experience fasting in Indonesia, which turns out to be very different from Malaysia” Anwar said. They hope that this Student Exchange Program can continue so more students in Southeast Asia can be acquaintance with each other and they also hope that there will be an even distribution of technology learned by students in this region.