The Polman Astra team won the first prize at the national PLC competition

Since 2015, Polman Astra had been participated in the annual E-Time, and finally get their first victory through the “No Name” team in 2019. The “No Name” Team that led by Budi Pamungkas and Tito Yahya Yudhantoro, the final year students of the Mechatronics, made their best achievements in the National Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) competition

The event that held on April 8-11, 2019 was an annual event organized by the Jakarta State Polytechnic. For the 10th year, the competition was held in the Faculty Club Building, University of Indonesia. About 81 teams competing in this national event and they came from universities from all over Indonesia.

“We fought very hard to broke the myth of never winning in this competition,” said Budi. “Those who participated are tough opponents because they’re well-prepared, but we are grateful to win the top rank in this competition”.

Tito revealed that the biggest challenges that they faced were the reality that they’re in their final-year, still have to do industrial internships, so they need to manage their time between their responsibility in industry and practice for the competition.

“We are thankful to be able to achieve a victory here, it’s like the most beautiful gift” said Tito. “This is a victory for all civitas, and we encourage all students to compete with students from other universities, aside from testing our mentality, we can also measure our abilities. Being the best in Polman Astra doesn’t mean you are also the best in the outside,” said Budi

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