Six Students of Siwa Lima St. Yosep Langgur Vocational High School Southeast Maluku Doing Practical Work at Polman Astra

The collaboration between Polman Astra and the Siwa Lima Langgur Foundation, Southeast Maluku, continues with the sending of 6 students of the Siwa Lima St. Yosep Vocational High School for the Work Practice at Polman Astra. The program that lasts for 3 months starting from July 5, 2018, is part of work practice program for 26 students to work outside Southeast Maluku, including some region from Java to Sumatra.

Father Ir. Drs. Agustinus Soplanit, MSC, Chairman of the Siwa Lima Langgur Foundation, Southeast Maluku brings 6 students who will do practical work in Polman Astra. They are Jonathan Fofid, Efrem Frensco Sarkol, Arinaldo M. Nora, Elegius R. Reliubun, Raymond J. Kadmaer, and Christopher R. Tamnge. These students are from class III majoring in Machinery Engineering, Welding Engineering and Automotive Engineering. Father Agustinus handed over his students to Tonny Pongoh, Deputy I of Polman Astra. At Polman Astra, the students will be guided by experienced mentors including Sunarjo (instructor and head of the Engineering Unit) and Antonius Kristijono (the instructor and head of the Maintenance Unit) who will be in charge for the machinery area. Eduardus D. (instructor who also serves as Head of Manufacturing Unit) and Rahayu Budi (welding instructor) will be in the Welding area, and for Automotive will be guided by Ajib Rosadi as head of the Automotive Unit, accompanied by Ambarwanto who works as senior instructor.

The program, which is part of Polman Astra’s contribution to vocational education for high school, is commanded by the Polman Astra Research and Community Service Institute which related to Vocational High School collaboration, in his statement as the Coordinator of Vocational High School Collaboration, Yohanes Tri Joko hopes that through this practical work, it can add more insight for students from Southeast Maluku “We provide opportunities to learn the culture of the vocational schools and also to improve the quality of our value chain” said Tri Joko.

Hopefully, all civitas academics of Polman Astra can support the program so the participants can feel comfortable during their time in Jakarta and be able to gain experience optimally during the Practical Work at Polman Astra.

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