Information Systems

Equipping graduates with the ability to develop and manage Information Systems and Information Technology

The Information Systems Study Program equips graduates with information technology management based on the development of information technology. The focus of this study program is the process of developing and managing information systems and information technology. Some courses apply the use of information technology from popular vendors.


“To be the best Associate study program in the field of informatics and the most popular in Indonesia, both by students candidate and industry”.


” Produce associate experts in the informatic who have the knowledge and skills that are match with the needs of industrial users, particularly the manufacturing”.

The graduates will have the competency to analyze and work with object and web-oriented technology ( Java, .NET) and open source software. They can work in various fields of industry that utilize information technology as a Programmer or as a junior system analyst in the information system development and information technology management ( as a Help desk, Data base Administrator, EDP Staff ).

Laboratories Facilities :

Computer HardwareLab
Software Development JavaLab
Software Development Net Lab


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