Polman Astra students won third place in the National Metrology Competition

Polman Astra once again got an achievement in the Metrology competition. Anisa Budiarti, a Level II Polman Astra student of the Manufacturing Technology winning the Third Place in the 2019 National Metrology Competition For Polytechnic Student held by Kawan Lama, collaborating with Bandung Institute of Technology. The competition was held in the east hall of the Bandung Institute of Technology campus on April 8-9, 2019.

The national scale competition initiated by Kawan Lama, a well-known company that has been running for 64 years as a distributor of technical equipment, such as measuring devices and machinery for industrial and commercial needs in Indonesia, is an event for Polytechnic students throughout Indonesia to demonstrate their competency in the metrology/measurement, especially mechanical engineering education.

The enthusiasm also can be seen from the number of participants, this year there were 75 participants from 35 Polytechnics throughout Indonesia. Polman Astra sent 2 participants on behalf of Anisa Budiarti and Yuni, both of them are Level II students. The participants were assessed from 2 test stages: the written test and the practical test. The highest accumulation scores led Anisa to win the third place and get the cash prize as well as the opportunity to travel to the Singapore.

“In terms of skills, Polman Astra students shouldn’t feel inferior if they want to compete with other institutions, because in fact, our skills can be said as superior,” said Yuni, one of the Polman Astra representatives, “every day we practice using similar tools in Polman Astra, all we need to prepare are our mental to demonstrate it in the competition,” said Anisa.

They both agreed that this year they were well prepared for the competition. Accompanied by instructors and lecturers, they practiced regularly before the competition day begins

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