Polman Astra arranges Microsoft Office Training for Senior/Vocational High School students around the Polman Astra environment

One of the embodiment of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education which is Community Service become the Polman Astra’ focus until the end of 2017. On December 11-14, 2017, Institute for Research and Community Service collaborated with the Information Management Study Program and Integrated Service Unit of Informatics organized Basic Microsoft Office Training for senior/vocational high school students around the Polman Astra environment. Around 50 students participated in this program.

“The computer skill is one of the competencies that must be possessed by human resources as job requirements. For that reason, mastering these competencies should be the needs of senior/vocational high school students to improve their competitiveness,” said Radix Rascalia, Secretary of the Information Management Study Program. The development of Information Technology (IT) becomes very rapid and this is the background of Polman Astra’s desire to share its competence with the surrounding community. It is undeniable that currently IT has entering into all fields of work, including the employment sector which soon will be occupied by senior/vocational high school graduates. “Actually, the Information Management Study Program and its students need to be able to observe the daily problems that exist in the surrounding environment and offer alternative solutions based on information technology. I think we can collaborate with organizations in the surrounding environment to do community service like this” said Radix. responding to the plan to continue the community service program.

“We involve not only instructors in this program, but also the students to do teaching training in this program. This will be a great experience and additional insight for students in the future,” said Yunita Sari, one of the instructors for the training program. “The competency of senior/vocational high school students to master Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point has become a necessity, even when they do an internship at a company that skills will be needed” continued Yunita Sari. Polman Astra will routinely doing the community service programs like this every year and the scope of participants will also be expanded.

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