Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration collaborate with Polman Astra to arrange Short Course for the development of Indonesian Job Training Center Instructors

It was a honor for Polman Astra to be appointed by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower through the Directorate General of Training and Productivity Development as a place for Short Course of Basic Instructors for Vocational Manufacturing and Automotive Vocational Technical Instructors, for Instructors of the Government Training Institute. It’s parallel with the program from the Ministry of Manpower to improve the competence and professionalism of instructors in Job Training Center which will later to be one of the frontline of competency trainings for Indonesian human resources to become skilled workers (skill workers) where their abilities can be approved by the industry and parallel with technological development. The modernization of the BLK is one of the solutions given by Indonesian Ministry of Manpower to optimize the demographic bonus, which will begin in 2020, at that time the population of productive age (15-64 years) in Indonesia will be bigger than the non-productive age population

Polman Astra is one of 10 short course places designated by the Directorate General of Training and Productivity Development, and each places are appointed based on the institution expertise, 176 instructors were prepared for this batch, and 31 of them were placed in Polman Astra to study for 7 months, specifically in the Automotive and Manufacturing fields, 2 competencies that owned by Polman Astra

The participants are from various regions in Indonesia, like Bandung Center for Vocational and Extention Service Training, Karang Anyar Job Training Center, Job Training Center in Sumatra, Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara and even from Sorong, Papua. These are young instructors who devote themselves to their Job Training Center. Since March 5, 2019, for the next 7 months they will do training at Polman Astra, equipped with various technical expertise, soft skills and methodology in the Automotive and Manufacturing. They will be provided with experience on the job training which will be implemented in the Astra Group industry. This industrial experience is expected to to add more insights for the trainees regarding the latest technology of the industry including the skills that industry needs. This program will end on September 30, 2019 and they will return their respective areas.

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