Equip graduates with competencies in the mechanical engineering, electronic, information technology and control system.

In the Mechatronic , students will study a combination of several applied science, and that is mechanical engineering, electronic, information technology and industrial control system.

Graduates competencies:

Operate, install, design mechatronic products, repair and maintenance of CNC-based and Robotic machines in the industry. Integrate device in PLC-based automation system or other control system.


  • Electrical Lab: Electrical circuit and installation, analog electronic, power electronic
  • Microelectronics Lab: Communication interface, microcontroller, Embedded System
  • AutomationLab: Electro-pneumatic, electro-Hydraulic, PLC, Industrial Mechatronics System
  • CNCLab: CNC-based machine installation, maintenance and repair
  • Robotics Lab:  programming, manipulator installation, integration and communication of industrial robots
  • Designing Lab: mechanical design usingCAD, CAM, CAE
  • ComputerLab: computer programming, networks, data communication


Research in the Mechatronics Concentration is applied research in industry including the development of special machines and PLC-based devices, microcontrollers and robot development.

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