Maintenance of Automotive Machine

Equipping the graduates with automotive vehicles competencies combined with automotive management

Maintenance of Automotive Machine (Otomotif)

Equipping the graduates with automotive competencies combined with automotive management to meet the needs of associate experts in the service and maintenance.

Maintenance of Automotive Machine (Heavy Machine)

Equipping graduates with the competencies to repair and maintain heavy machine (Excavator, Dump truck, Backhoe, Bulldozer and others) Heavy Machine Engineering focuses on skills and accuracy education with adequate facilities and the support of the Astra heavy machine industry and link & match pattern, making Heavy Machine Engineering graduates as a reliable worker in the repair and maintenance of heavy machine.

The Study Program Vision:

  • To be the Best Automotive Study Program in Indonesia.
  • To be the source of applied science and technology, especially automotive technology.
  • Creating high-quality human resources with international perspective.

The Study Program Mission:

  • Having good moral, attitude, behavior and dedication, devoted to the God, honesty, discipline, precision, persistent, skillful and diligent
  • Having high competence to achieve the best, in-depth knowledge and professionally skilled.
  • Having awareness, attitude and actions regarding: product quality, cost and time, general industry insight and technology and particularly, the automotive.

The expertise of graduates from the Automotive Machine Study Program is having the competencies of the automotive which include:

engine, power train, chassis, body and electrical and workshop management, part management, HR management. Graduates can works as Service Advisor, Foreman, Supervisor, Instructor, Sales Engineer, Surveyor, Estimator, Part Coordinator and they also can work in the automotive manufacturing industry.


  • Engine Lab
  • Power Train Lab
  • Chassis Lab
  • Automotive Electrical Lab
  • Role Play Lab: Service Advisor and Team Leader

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