LP2M Polman Astra once again organized Teacher Training, this time from Al-Khoiriyah Vocational High School

Today, Monday October 1, 2018 Polman Astra through the LP2M Vocational Development unit welcomed 2 teachers from Al-Khoiriyah Vocational High School, Petarukan, Pemalang, Central Java who will do training at Polman Astra. Alfan Yusuf and Saputro Sejati are 2 teachers sent by Al-Khoiriyah Vocational School to do 2 weeks of machinery training in Jakarta. Both of them will explore the way to use Lathe and Milling Manual machine at Polman Astra.

Al-Khoiriyah Vocational High School is a private Vocational High School which is one of the target schools of PT Menara Terus Makmur (MTM), a company under PT Astra Otoparts. The school, which is relatively new, has a special feature because of the foundation and the school dedication on the human resources development in Pemalang. Many students who attend this vocational high school come from poor families and can’t afford the school. “Many students can’t pay the money for practice, but we still give them the opportunity to practice, even until graduation, they haven’t paid yet” explained Prasetyo. But their loyalty in teaching is gave them the result with the number of Vocational High School graduates that get decent jobs, and some of them are able to pay off their arrears after they get a job.

The two teachers were welcomed by Deputy I Polman Astra, Tonny Pongoh. He hopes that through this program the Al-Khoiriyah Vocational School teachers can receive the knowledge as much as possible, and he also emphasizes that these 2 weeks are only the beginning of the formal training process. Tonny hopes that teachers will not hesitate to communicate with the instructors after they return to school, so the training that they get, will give some impact to their teaching quality at Al-Khoiriyah Vocational High School.

He also encourage the teachers to bring along the Al-Khoiriyah Vocational School students to join Polman Astra, with the passion to developing HR, Tonny hopes that the graduates from Al-Khoiriyah Vocational School would join Polman Astra especially through the Astra scholarship, so when they get the title of Associate Expert, they can return to develop the Pemalang.

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