General Stadium : Big Data and Big People

On December 20, 2017, Polman Astra organize general stadium which is one of the event of 2017 ACADEMIC DAY  with the theme “Big Data & Big People”, unlike the previous general stadium which focused on adding insight into national character, this time, the general stadium that held at the AI-HO Auditorium room are more technical, since it discussing the very rapid development of the IT world and the importance of it that need to be anticipated by students so they will not miss the rapidly changing trend.

Present as a guest speaker in this general stadium were Dr. Ir. Lukas, MAI, CISA, IPM, the Head of the Electrical Engineering Master Program (Post Graduate) at University of Atma Jaya and also Ir. Achmad Abimanyu who served as Corporate Business Director of PT Indosat Mega Media (IM2). These two were chosen to do presentation that related to the event’s theme because of their educational background and their expertise.

In the opening session, Dr. Luke doing presentation about the evolution of the internet associated with the evolution of IoT (Internet of Thing). He added that the development of the Internet of Thing (IoT) increased rapidly and it’s estimated that in 2020 there will be 50 billion things that are connected to the internet to become the internet of everything. Therefore, the data generated will be very much and becomes Big Data. In order to utilize these data, technology is needed to process the data, which is machine learning.” Next, the data should be protected so it won’t be used by irresponsible parties. That’s why, security technology shoul be be a focus in big data.” said Dr. Lukas who specializes in security data “From now on we must be wise in producing data so it doesn’t cause data rubbish” concluded Dr. Lukas while reminding the participants in using electronic devices.

In the second session, Ir. Achmad Abimanyu is different from Dr. Luke who is an academic. As a practitioner, he discusses a lot about the character needed by the industry and the things that need to be prepared by students so that they have high competitiveness in the digital era. “Right now, students need to be more serious in their lectures because this is the first phase of basic competencies, because that is the function of formal education” explained Ir. Achmad Abimanyu, “Then you need to develop yourself vertically through certification, practical knowledge, and operational skills. Once you done vertically, you need to develop horizontally through advanced certification, understanding business processes, planning, management and supervision capabilities. Lastly, doing self-development comprehensively through contemporary management, strategies, issues in the company, human psychology, and business unit operations,” said Ir. Achmad Abimanyu as he closed his presentation session at the general stadium.

The general stadium which was attended by 200 Polman Astra civitas academics was expected to be meaningful experience for them both in the lectures and the work environment.

“I hope this seminar can add more insight for students about IoT technology both in theory and practice. By understanding this, students will able to equip themselves so they are ready to work in the internet of everything era. Other than technical skills, students will also able to equip themselves with soft skills,” said Abdi Suryadinata Telaga, PhD, chief executive of the program, he is a lecturer who also works at the Institute for Research and Community Service.

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