Polman Astra Once Again Receives PPTI Funds for 3 Research Proposals

The increasing of the competitiveness in the industrial sector, especially the manufacturing industry is very important because the sector provides contribution to economic growth in Indonesia. Seeing the importance of it, Higher Education Research launched the Research Incentive Program of Industrial Technology Development Program (PPTI), which was first issued in 2015. The target are specifically for stimulating people who works in Industrial Research & Development (RND) to do a synergy with universities in developing national industrial technology products that aren’t limited to output but also become industrial-worthy prototypes that could enter the pre-commercial phase (have been tested) and ready for mass production (commercial). The government has budgeted to finance the RND activities between Industry and Higher Education to achieve this goal. In 2018, the collaboration between Polman Astra and Winteq successfully developing a multi-function CNC, by combining 1 unit of column type milling machine with 1 unit of machine head that can be used for spindle (engraving), CO2 laser and 3D printing, and a set of CNC controllers that can accommodate 3 functions in 1 machine.

This year through the Institute of Product Development and Technology Application (LP3T), Polman Astra once again submitted research proposals to the Directorate of Higher Education Research and from the 3 proposals submitted, all of it received approval from the PPTI Grant. In line with Polman Astra’s seriousness to developing the Prototype that had been made in the previous year, this year Polman Astra once again submitted research proposal that related to the development of Multifunctional CNC. There are 2 proposals submitted, Development of Multi-Function Controller System and IoT-Based Monitoring System on Multi-Function CNC Machines as a Support for Information and Communication Technology, a proposal lead by Dr. Eng. Syahril Ardi and teamed up with PT CNC Design to developing the control system of the multi-functional CNC machine.

With the research theme focusing on developing multi-functional CNC machines, Antonius Kristijono, who appointed as the lead researcher, once again collaborated with Winteq, a subsidiary of PT Astra Otoparts Tbk, to develop the Multi-Function Machine as a support for Information and Communication Technology. For the second theme, Polman Astra wants to focus on the mechanical quality of the machine so the multifunctional CNC machine can function like the real industrial machine. Another research that also received a PPTI grant this year ishe Development of Environmental Condition Test Machines (Enviromental Chamber) in the context of Localization of Product Testing Technology, the research lead by Harki Apri Yanto and collaborating with PT Astra Otoparts Tbk EDC Division.

Harki, Head of the LP3T Department explained, “The synergy that brought by Polman Astra into the industrial world, especially in developing research has great potential to produce effective products that can benefit not only the industrial world but also the entire Indonesia. It also prove that Polman Astra isn’t only has good quality in their education systme but also supports the development of research for technological independence, especially the reduction of imported products”

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