E-nnovaction 2.0, an innovation event of civitas academica in Polman Astra

Innovation is the one of Astra’s main key to develop sustainably and gain new market share. Innovation isn’t only about the idea, but also a combination of creativity and action. Polman Astra as High School owned by PT Astra International doesn’t want to be left behind on promoting this culture by arranging the annual event named “Academic Day” which was attended by students and the QCC (Quality Control Circle) and SS (Suggestion System) convention attented by Polman Astra lecturers, instructors and employees. This year’s innovation events was titled as E-nnovaction 2.0

With the theme “Energy for new campus” The Kick off of QCC and SS 2019 was done at July 12 2019, while the opening of Academic Day was held at the Auditorium of PT Astra International Head Office on July 29, 2019. Eduardus Dimas as deputy chairman of Polman Astra innovation committee said, through the QCC, it was expected that the event would bring an improvement and change the mentality of all civitas academica in Polman Astara, not only for place and condition preparation in newest campus of Polman Astra Delta Silicon, but also for changes in the future that become more dynamic.

This year, innovation committee targeting 10 circles for QCC and 60 monographs for SS can be written by the employees, and 24 QCC circles from the students. Hopefully they can be consistent on doing step by step of QCC until the D-Day at the QCC-SS convention on October 23, 2019.

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