Decision Letter of establishment of Building Construction Technology Study Program are officially accepted by Polman Astra

Good news for Polman Astra, and it feels like we should be grateful to God for this blessing. Located in the Higher Education Service Institution office or formerly known as Private Higher Education Coordinator Region 3 in the Cawang, East Jakarta, today Wednesday, August 1, 2018 Director of Polman Astra, Tony Harley Silalahi received the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education  Decision Letter number 593/KPT/I/2018 which contains PERMISSIONS TO OPEN THE STUDY PROGRAM OF CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY BUILDING, ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAM IN ASTRA MANUFACTURING POLYTECHNIC IN JAKARTA THAT HAVE BEEN CONDUCTED BY THE ASTRA BINA ILMU FOUNDATION.

The handover of the Minister of Research and Technology Decision Letter regarding the Establishment, Changes in Private Universities and the Opening of Study Programs at Private Colleges in Private Higher Education Coordinator Region III, was attended by the Head of Higher Education Service Institution region III, Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, MS. And the executive secretary, Dr. M. Samsuri, S.Pd, M.T., other than Polman Astra, the similar letter also given to STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta, STIKES Binawan, Pelita Harapan University, Indonesian Christian University. The handover was done by Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, MS.

The establishment of the Building Construction Technology Study Program is one of the Polman Astra Strategic Plan that was announced in 2012, this is a request from Astra, which at that time also started to develop a business in the property sector by acquiring several companies. Agung Kaswadi who currently serves as the Head of the Production and Training Department and Mohamad Heri Sukantara was appointed to be the coordinator of this project and began preparing the feasibility study and the proposal since September 2016. “With the support of all parties involved in the Polman Astra and Astra Group subsidiary that engaged in Construction and property, finally Proposal Instrument of Building Construction Technology Study Program Establishment can be completed and uploaded to the website of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education,” said Sukantara as he describing the long journey to establish the Building Construction Technology study program, and today the Decision Letter for study program establishment finally given to Astra Polman.

The program itself targets to start the first batch on September in the school year of 2018-2019. By targeting 24 students in the first batch, the New Student Admissions Committee still trying to get the best students for this study program. It wasn’t easy, but with the Vocational High School partner network owned by Astra Polman and Astra Group foster schools, the New Student Admissions committee remains optimistic. “With the approval of Building Construction Technology as a new study program at Polman Astra, hopefully it can increase the contribution of Polman Astra in creating superior human resources, especially in the field of construction as Astra has proven to be a well-known company in Indonesia,” said Agung Kaswadi as one of member team that have a major role in the establishment.

This good news was reported to PT ACSET INDONUSA as a subsidiary of Astra Group which is engaged in construction, ACSET has helped Polman Astra planned the establishment of Building Construction Technology Study Programs and also prepare facilities to support student practice including providing the teachers who are experienced in the field of Building Construction. This certainly will strengthens the quality of vocational education at Polman Astra as the implementation of the Astra Dual System.

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