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To celebate the 61st Astra Anniversary, Polman Astra organize the Astra Anniversary (HUT) celebration event on February 20, 2018. Took a place in the Sport Hall on the 4th floor of Building C, the anniversary celebration was organized in a lively but simple manner. The event was attended by Director of Polman Astra, Tony Harley Silalahi along with all teaching staff, employees and representatives of Polman Astra students.

The 61st anniversary IS titled “Becoming a World Class Organization”, in a speech by the President Director of PT Astra International, Prijono Sugiarto, read by Tony Harley Silalahi. He expressed his gratitude for the hard work of all Astra people, 218,463 employees spread in 212 subsidiary during 2017. And entering 2018, he encourage us to be optimistic in the midst of national and international economic conditions that are getting better compared to previous years. But also reminded that we need to keep introspective considering some major events will happens in 2018 such as Regional Election which will definitely affect the economy condition.

There are 4 big steps that we will do in 2018 to bring Astra to become a world-class organization, Prijono Sugiarto is confident that if Astra can take these steps consistently, Astra will pass 2018 with better results.

Video of Celebration of the 61st Anniversary of Astra – To The Prosperous Indonesia at Polman Astra