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Politeknik Astra

In 1995, PT Federal Motor, currently PT Astra Honda Motor, established the Federal Bina Ilmu Foundation that supervise the Federal Academy of Engineering to provide solutions to the needs of reliable and skilled manpower, especially in the motorcycle industry.

Along with business development, the Federal Bina Ilmu Foundation changed to the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation (YABI) and the Federal Academy of Engineering became the Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic (Polman Astra). YABI through Polman Astra since 2009 has provided scholarships for outstanding students and cover 35% of the total number of students recruited from all over Indonesia. In 2012, Polman Astra graduated 218 students including 48 scholarship recipients from 6 provinces in Indonesia


To Be the Best Polytechnic in Indonesia and Able to Compete in Southeast Asia


Producing Associate graduates in the fields related to automotive and natural resources, including the development of the QCDI mindset, mental discipline, and learning abilities so that they are ready to meet the demands of the development of the global industry
QCDI = Quality, Cost, Delivery & Innovation

Creating a professional academic environment to foster the competencies and potential of the civitas academica

The Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation ensures that Polman Astra has its own advantages and uniqueness through the support of executives from Astra group companies who also act as administrators of the Foundation. Through this, link and match industry and vocational education will be actualized. Polman Astra is a concrete manifestation of our commitment to provide high-quality vocational education

Hamdhani Dzulkarnaen Salim , Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation

Country with strong industries are supported by excellent vocational education. Astra's work for the advancement of national industry and the welfare of our nation is manifested through Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic, that match with Astra's ideals, Prosperous with the nation

Prijono Sugiarto , President Director of PT Astra International Tbk

The Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation understands the importance of vocational education in the context of technology, which is being able to advanced the industry. In Astra’ point of view, Polman Astra is an industrial value chain for providing superior human resources as well as social contributions to educate the nation

Johannes Loman , Director of PT Astra International Tbk. and Chairman of the Trustess of the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation