2018 Polman Astra Gathering, “This Is Our Home”

We had passed 2017 with all the joys and sorrows, and now we are starting a new chapter in 2018. As a first step to welcome the new year, on January 9, 2018 Polman Astra organized a gathering to refresh the employees spirit after the long year-end vacation. Located in the 3rd floor of Hall Building B-C, the employees comes together celebrated new year with huge excitement. There are so much joy, hope and enthusiasm to welcome this new year.

In his welcoming speech, Ajib Rosadi, representing IKAPOLA, thanked the performance shown by all Polman Astra employees and the full support of Polman Astra management, so the Polman Astra could become one of the institutions that had a positive image in the community. It also become IKAPOLA hopes for the future, so that we can continue to maintain the achievements and improve more.

Same with Ajib, Tony Harley Silalahi, Director of Polman Astra also welcomed it positively while reminding that Polman Astra’s civitas can increase their spirit to create more innovation, especially in improving the quality of Lecturer research. Tony also gave guidance from the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation so Polman Astra could become a masterpiece for PT Astra International, as Prijono Sugiharto wishes, President Director of Astra, who wanted Astra to become a World Class Organization. Astra’s high commitment is proven by signing of the Deed of Sale and Purchase, which was officially declared on behalf of the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation on 31 October 2017, at the same time with XVIII Polman Astra GRADUATION. On the 5 hectare land, all Polman Astra civitas academica are expected to realize Astra’s dream of becoming a World Class Organization into the reality, especially with our role on educating the nation.

YABI hopes that Polman Astra can enter the top 10 Best Polytechnics in Indonesia and get an A accreditation, so the Polman Astra isn’t only approved by the industry but shows the good side of the implement of DIKTI rules and approved by DIKTI.

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